“Thank you for being such a wonderful positive light in our children’s lives!” —MSN Parent

Our Admissions Process

Our admissions process is focused on giving each parent multiple opportunities to experience what our school would be like for their child and family. Our school’s mission is to work with all students to guide them on the path to becoming effective, self-directed learners who are caring and confident in participating in their communities. While the Montessori method works for children—quiet or fiery, verbal- or tactile-leaning learners—the Montessori classroom affords the time and resources to help each child find their path and balance in a social academic setting.

Application guide:

1. Contact our Head of School at the bottom of this page

2. Browse our virtual touring materials

3. Request an application form

How to visit:

Virtual tour materials are available to browse our classrooms and programs from the comfort and safety of home. Presentations are available to learn about each level on our Programs page.

Tours: Tours occur throughout the year on an individual and group basis. Tours are for adults and include time for observation in the classrooms and conversation with our Director of Admissions. School day tours provide a wonderful view into the multi-age Montessori classroom in action.

Open Houses: We hold three open houses a year, two on a weekend day and one on a weekday evening. Open Houses provide you with the opportunity to explore our buildings and grounds. We encourage you to wander the classrooms and speak with faculty and staff to learn more about Montessori education.

Child Visits: A visit for your child will be scheduled once an application is on file with our Admissions Office. Young children will visit with a parent for a tour and play time in a classroom for about 30-45 minutes. Children applying to our elementary programs will visit on their own for a full morning or full day session as scheduling allows.

Affording MSN


Indexed tuition is the new tuition affordability model at MSN. The purpose of indexed tuition is to help increase economic diversity in the school community. Inclusion of families across the full range of the economic spectrum broadens perspectives and reinforces MSN’s core principles of equity, peace, and justice. Economic diversity enriches our community and promotes a diverse human experience for all of our families.   


Every family is expected to contribute to the cost of tuition and fees, thereby supporting the community to the extent family circumstances permit. 

To help us objectively assess what a family is able to contribute to education expenses, a family wishing to be considered for indexed tuition will need to complete a financial aid application through SSS (School and Student Services) (formerly TADS). Our school’s SSS code is 2381. Based on the information provided in that application, a committee will determine the appropriate indexed tuition tier for the family.

Indexed tuition gives us the opportunity to assess, upon application, a family’s ability to pay tuition and to index their tuition commitment to their resources.

Indexed tuition levels are determined by a family’s entire financial profile including income, assets, expenses, family size, and unusual situations. We also take into consideration our school’s policies and the resources available for returning students as well as applicant families.

If a family has been receiving financial aid from MSN, we expect that their position on the indexed tuition scale will result in a tuition payment consistent with the previous year unless their family circumstances or the school’s circumstances have changed.

Applications continue to be processed. Families will be notified in writing once determinations are made.



For our full statement on Indexed Tuition, please click here.

Awards are based on the overall need for the coming year and the resources available. Please be sure to submit your application to SSS by February 1 so we can consider it in the first round. We do accept applications after that date, but our pool of remaining funds may be limited. Once awards are made, parents are notified and contracts are issued reflecting the financial aid awards.

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