MSN Class of 2020

A big shoutout to our close-knit graduating class of 8th graders: Gabe, Noah, and Willow!


Gabe loves applied mathematics, technology, world issues, independent research, and ANY opportunity to get outside and play some kind of game with his classmates on the playing field. He’s a kind soul, a peacemaker, and strives to do his best whether it’s for himself or for his community.

“When I started at my time here, I was in third grade. I came from a frustrating second grade. I quickly excelled in Montessori maths…in Upper El, I continued to strengthen my core academics. Even though academics are important to me, my time here was never about them. I came here for the freedom, for the exploration…which I hope to bring with me to NHS and to all that follows.” -Gabe’s 2020 graduating speech


Noah loves math and has often taken his teachers, and anyone else who happened to be nearby, on informal theoretical mathematical journeys over lunch. He’s also passionate about politics and would be more than happy to discuss and debate the upcoming election. And over the last two years, Noah has found his voice and become a strong proponent of political reform, gun control, and other issues.

“MSN was the best of both worlds. I got to work at my level, while still having the academic and social structure of a top school. I made many good friends, and I was not bullied. I also picked up a new skill: writing…I also enjoyed playing sports during recess, something I hadn’t had a chance to do before MSN.” -Noah’s 2020 graduating speech


Willow is one of the hardest-working students we have ever had the pleasure to work with, whether it’s tackling advanced mathematics, penning a sophisticated op-ed advocating for immigration reform, or, as a 12½ year old, speaking at the podium in the U.N. General Assembly hall! She is among a growing number of alumni leaving MSN with publications in print and online.

“Outside of the academics and the classroom, I also learned how to let go of the shy, nervous girl I had been in sixth grade. I learned how to take risks, and be okay with being wrong…I have summer plans, and high school plans, and college plans, and life plans—and it does scare me, leaving behind the rhythm of middle school. But I’m ready because of all of you.” -Willow’s 2020 graduating speech