MSN Class of 2022

We are pleased to share with you the amazing MSN Eighth Grade Class of 2022: Conrad Thomas, Acer Verson, and Will Epstein!

These three incredible students taught us so much, and as sad as we are to see them go–we can’t wait to see what the world holds in store for them!

“From the moment I first stepped into my first day of Montessori I knew it would be different. Because the first day we actually did something. We didn’t follow the leader through hallways being told what we needed to know, we instead went to an island in the middle of the Connecticut River, trekked through endless stinging nettles, walked along and in the water, planted a time capsule in which we all wrote a note, and did it all again two days later with twice the people. I can’t say that I had ever done something that hard before, but I can see in hindsight that it was probably not that challenging. However, if I had gone to a different school, I would not have that hindsight.”

–Will Epstein, Class of 2022

“Montessori didn’t take away the craziness of the pandemic or just going to middle school, but it showed me how to cope and stay alive.”

“Everything I’ve ever heard about middle school has been negative, be it through books or grown-ups. I thought I had “learned” that everybody would be mean, I wouldn’t advance academically, and it would generally be awful. But, contrary to my predictions, my middle school experience was a blast. These past two years have been difficult, no doubt, but I grew and strove through them in spite of the pandemic. I owe limitless thanks to Bev and all the school’s administration for their amazing response to the pandemic that has allowed my middle school years to be in person while many others didn’t. Thank you.”

–Acer Verson, Class of 2022

“If I could do it all over again, I would choose this small but mighty class over even prom-having ones.”

“My time at this school over the past three years has been mostly enjoyable. I’ve made friends and done things I probably wouldn’t have done without getting pushed by my teachers and classmates. I’ve gone on a kayaking trip on the Connecticut River. I’ve gone rock climbing. I’ve gone swimming. I’ve gone biking. I’ve gone to Florida. There are so many things that I’ve done in this school that I can’t remember everything I’ve done.”

–Conrad Thomas, Class of 2022

“I would consider myself a very artistic person. Because of this, art class was one of my favorite things to do in school. Barbara, who is out art teacher, has done an amazing job taking out cool projects for us to do.”