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Due to COVID-19, MSN is pausing our Toddler program for the coming fall. We hope to reinstate it mid-winter 2021.

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First Steps with Montessori Toddler

Your child’s first steps towards independence will be supported by the care and guidance provided at our school. The Montessori curriculum is designed to engage your child’s natural curiosity and eagerness to “do it myself.”

We offer a variety of flexible schedules to meet your child and family’s needs. Choose from morning-only or full-day options within a two, three, four, or five day schedule. We will work with you to create the perfect schedule.


Monday – Friday



Preschool and kindergarten fall within what Dr. Montessori called the “First Plane of Development” (0-6 years old).

Your child’s sensory experience of the immediate environment is the way they have learned since birth. By experiencing materials and complexities in carefully-designed classrooms, children have the opportunity to develop their mental abilities fully, satisfy their natural inquisitiveness, and set the stage for a life of learning. Trained and experienced teachers help to guide them through this development, respecting each individual’s learning style and creativity.

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Children’s House: Grace & Courtesy


Monday – Friday

AGES 2.9 – 5


Elementary programs (grades 1-6) fall within what Dr. Montessori called the “Second Plane of Development”
(ages 6-12).

During the Elementary years of a child’s development, there is a shift from the concrete, sensorial exploration in the First Plane of Development to an expanding global vision. A student entering the Second Plane of Development is beginning to see the interconnectedness of all things. The Montessori materials and curriculum, along with a respectful and individualized learning environment, support the student’s desire to learn about their world.


Monday – Friday

AGES 6 – 13


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Lower Elementary

Upper Elementary


We help emerging adolescents discover and achieve their academic, social, and emotional potential by exploring their world, finding their place in it, and giving back. In our middle school students build confidence, competence, dignity, compassion, mindfulness, discipline, organization, initiative, self-reliance, the ability to work with others, and think critically and creatively. Our Montessori middle school students are then able to enter high school with the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to thrive. View our 2020 graduates here.


Monday – Friday

GRADES 7 & 8


Why to Choose MSN for Middle School


We offer a wide range of enriching and fun sessions for Kindergarten through Middle School students. Next year we anticipate offering camps for preschool and toddler students. Our programs are inspired by the Montessori approach: including theme-based programming, focused art classes, an emphasis on practical life skills, and outdoor exploration. Elementary and middle school student programs also include independent work choices, respect and care for social relationships, and advanced practical life skills.

Ages 6-14:

July – August


We strive to support working families by providing options for early drop-off and late pick-up. The times of these programs are adjustable to suit the individual needs of each family.

CHILDREN’S HOUSE: 7:45-8:30 AM, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

ELEMENTARY: 7:45-8:45 AM, 3:15 – 5:00 PM



“The aim of such an education indicates the desire to contribute to the good of all, to share in this cosmic goodness.”

-Maria Montessori

Over the course of the school year, individual classrooms, and the school community as a whole, work on projects to help local social service agencies. Classroom discussions take place about where the donations go and why participation is important. Elementary classrooms host speakers from local agencies who inform them of the populations their agency serve and what kind of assistance is needed.

Past projects at MSN include:

Manna Meals: Each classroom community is assigned a month during which its members make and deliver soup to the Manna Meals Soup Kitchen.

Northampton Survival Center: Three separate initiatives support the Survival Center. Winter and spring food drives are held, children’s books are collected year-round to stock the free bookshelf supporting early literacy, and gently used winter gear is collected at the start of the winter season.

Northampton Education Foundation: We support this local foundation by fielding a team to the Annual Spelling Bee fundraiser.

Our school responds to world events as well as caring for the ongoing projects listed above. Examples of these initiatives are: the collection of backpacks and school supplies for those affected by Hurricane Katrina; collection of toys and clothes for citizens of Haiti in the wake of the earthquake; and the collection of money to fund international disaster relief through ShelterBox USA, to support northern Japan following the devastating tsunami.


Throughout the year our community gathers together in celebration of many different aspects of life. Events include the Celebration of Peace, Harvest Gathering, Solstice Celebration, Pride, and a Culmination Ceremony at the close of the school year.

Here are a few other special events not to be missed at MSN.

Poetry Cafe: Lower Elementary students (and parents, if they wish) share poems they have written and/or memorized. This event was held virtually in Spring of 2020!

Science Share: Upper Elementary hosts an annual science fair. The Science Fair offers an opportunity for each Upper Elementary student to experience the scientific method (pose a question, create a hypothesis, test the hypothesis and analyze the results) and create a presentation for the school community!

Kindergarten Showcase: Our Kindergarten students showcase all they have learned in their mid-day “specials” classes, which include Art, Music, Spanish, and Outdoor Enrichment. This event was held virtually in Spring of 2020!

Field Day: An annual event each June, multi-age, cross-classroom teams enjoy a variety of fun outdoor events, ending with a special treat: watermelon!